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Reports & Grievances / Staff Abuse
« on: 7 June 2019, 06:09:39 PM »
Accused Players: Staff Member, I suspect Livid/CRH244
Accusation: Staff Abuse
Affected Players: Me, JJ_Jackie

Time Occured: Approximately 1300 hours today (June 7, 2019), Pacific Standard. 19:30 logblock time;

Location: My In Progress base, Approximately 1 million blocks in the nether away (8 mil overworld) from spawn

What Happened: CRH made his way to my in progress base, possibly with staff assistance in TPing, and set a home there, then robbed me all of my items stored there. Furthermore, when Jackie and I got on and discovered this, CRH took advantage of this to kill Jackie.

Why I suspect Staff were involved: 

The Flight out to my in progress base, takes at minimum 8 hours (see below). CRH said that to find the location, he saw a person there with the dynmap. Because of how far out the base is, I am able to keep track of who is there. The list of people who I specifically invited to the location are : JJ_Jackie, xLuBu(Yvette) and ascension101. CRH told me it was not a staff member who he saw that far out, and Jackie has kept herself hidden on dynmap the whole time, leaving ascension. Ascension was tp'ed out a little over 20 hours before the incident. if my memory serves. Through interviews with other staff, as well as checking of my own logs gathered through IRC, I have reasonable doubt that he had the 8 hours to make the flight. Therefore staff TP'ing may have been involved. Further evidence of staff involvement in raiding my base can be found in the fact that Livid, a staff member who, prior to this incident, I had never revealed the location to, can be found taking some of the items from the chests, according to log block.

Sound Evidence that the nether flight takes 8 hours:

using a client side world of mine, I set up two rings exactly 100 blocks apart. On one I set up a chain of command blocks that, when it detects a player inside the ring, it sets the time to 0, then enables the daylight cycle. The second ring I set up, when it detected a player, stopped the daylight cycle. Because the daylight cycle is measured in ticks, of which there are 20 in a second, I now have a measurement of time to travel between the rings accurate to .05 seconds. Then, using an auto clicker, I flew between the hoops, firing a firework every tick (20 per second) to ensure I was traveling at max speed. after 10 passes, recording the time to travel each time, I had an extremely consistent travel time of 60 ticks, or 3 seconds. thus, the max speed is 33.3 blocks per second, translating to 8 hours to travel 1 million blocks. thus, short of speed hacks, there is no way to get out there faster without pre-existing infrastructure (piston bolts travel faster, but require lots of time to build)

Information Request:
Can someone with access please check the logs and tell me what the situation is here? I imagine they could easily resolve this situation by confirming or denying staff involvement in tping CRH out to my base. 

Why I think this deserves a report: Aside from being a little irritated over having my stuff stolen (including some books that I only had one copy of) If staff are involved, this is a case of staff abuse as a staff member is assisting CRH in pvp (he killed jackie) as well as assisting CRH in stealing.

General Discussion / WTF is up with Mob Spawning?
« on: 4 March 2019, 01:11:55 PM »
I have a few mob farms on VC, they work quite well, but I can never seem to get the projected rates out of them, despite double, triple, and quadruple checking my mob proofing techniques. I've done a couple of tests of this phenomenon:

Test 1: Grabbing the 9 chunks surrounding my guardian farm, as well as the farm itself into a MCEdit schematic, generating a new singleplayer world, then pasting the schematic on top of the location of an existing sea temple on that world (the World Downloader mod fails to save the monument bounding box) Comparing farm speed between these two, with me being the only person on the server, shows that I pick up XP in the single player world 4x faster than the (identical) copy on the server. This suggests that something server side is slowing down hostile mob spawning.

Test 2: I traveled into fresh (nether) chunks, then built a little box around myself and proceeded to afk for some time. I then used my World Downloader mod to grab the surrounding chunks and entities, while also configuring the download to have the gamerule "doMobSpawning" set to false. I then loaded up the singleplayer world. using the F3 debug screen, entity count read ~16. I also used a command to give all entities glowing, which revealed that the nearby mobs were all fairly close by, none looked like they were the up to 128 blocks away that mobs should spawn. I then did /gamerule doMobSpawning true and within a second, the entity count jumped to 50. The glowing test shows that mobs are spawning reasonable distances away again. This suggests that either mob cap is abnormally low, or the despawn chance of mobs far from the player is artificially increased.

Thus my question: What is up with Mob Spawning, why is it so slow?

Rules | Info | Support / So, Uhh, This is Awkward, But...
« on: 22 December 2018, 12:00:09 AM »
I need a staff member's help getting items back and getting back to qualia after trapping myself on the moon. I can explain.

I was exploring qualia with my elytra when I came across the starship Damo floating in the sky from when the moon was being tested. I realized that the moon was def still a place because it still existed on dynmap.  I noticed that 1: there was no way to just walk into the starship because it was closed off. 2: The floor of the interior of the ship was mostly solid blocks. Naturally, being curious, I wanted to get into the starship. Thus I got on top and downed chorus fruit until I got inside. As I suspected, the warp sign to the moon still worked, thus in my curiosity, I right clicked. Now on the moon, I ventured out of the ship, I didn't get far before the oxygen damage killed me. I re-spawned inside one of the moon bases, item less. I cannot get home. Please help. It would also be nice to get my stuff back. I left the game pretty quickly so the stuff should still be on the ground just outside the starship damo.

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