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General Discussion / Christmas 9 diamonds give away
« on: 27 December 2012, 08:23:24 AM »
All get on line I shall be giving away 9 Diamonds to the people who need them most.

Just get on line and ask to join in with the Diamond give aways

Reports & Grievances / Well I guess this is good bye, for ever.
« on: 2 December 2012, 11:21:36 AM »
Thanks to peng face I lost my best thing in the server.

I was afk when the items of peng was being talked about.
And then I said I had them and I would give them back. So guess what all the fucking lovely moderators do?
I did not do anything.

Bye bye for ever. this is really really upsetting for me and peng can go fuck her self, runek can go fuck him self, boylink can go fuck him self x2 for doing what peng said.

General Discussion / Village Craft Christmas
« on: 27 November 2012, 04:15:28 PM »
Well its that time of the year, XMAS...
I think we should note down Ideas of what we could do in this fine server for christmas
Like make it always snowing, or a huge christmas tree
These are not real suggestions from me
I feel if where going out with a bang,
Make it a boner Woops wrong line, Make it a party popper
Ok fuck this shit

Lets make this a good christmas even cj will enjoy
Who agrees?

Also make nice suggestions for christmas stuff:

General Discussion / Aww come on!
« on: 14 November 2012, 10:17:17 AM »
Fucking hell jeb

1.4.4 is out ALREADY
I found this annoying as I was installing mods now I can't get the version back.
Just a tun of updates and now we have to update the server. AGAIN!

Jar Download for 1.4.2

General Discussion / Updates
« on: 13 November 2012, 11:06:36 AM »
Can we have some updates/info on some of these things:

/mail send
Better Craft Bukkit version
Automatic afk

And most of the market showcases have gone missing

And other important things and other things people can think off

Thank you for the info and for reading

----Major Screw Up I meant what ive seen have not been like they use to be or just nor working but most has been answered now --------

General Discussion / RedStone Jobs
« on: 8 November 2012, 01:16:36 PM »
I need some help with 3 red stone machines and non red stone machines
If anyone is willing to take these jobs, Please post here.

The machines are very hard to make or just take a while or both, that's why my lazy ass is not doing it my self.

First Machine: Piston hidden door
At my front door I would like a double hidden piston door to be the front door
I'm willing to pay: 2.5k
Everything is supplied to make it

Second Machine: Zombie XP farm
I found a zombie spawner that I would like to be a semi-automatic xp farmer that doesn't need anything but your fists when its done
I'm willing to pay: 6.5k
I shall supply what I can

Third Machine: Piston back door
At the back of my castle there is a hole which is 5 blocks high and no other bits around it,
If some one could make a door there that goes up and down and is opened only from the inside I will pay.
I'm willing to pay: 1.5k (It may be higher payment if its harder to do)
I shall supply the redstone and the pistons.

Thankyou for reading this, If you would like to do one of the 3 then just post which one you will do.  :)

PS: Sorry about my attitude before and me being a ass hole,
Sorry Jan, Sorry, Knite, Sorry CJ, Sorry to anyone else I was a ass too

Reports & Grievances / Old players getting welcome to server message
« on: 4 November 2012, 07:57:14 AM »
At 10 to 1pm Great Britain time
Everyone who joins starts new again and i lost my stuff from it
I am confused as shit right now

Thats buzz

Thats me laughing at the problem

I know everyone hates me and its kinda cheesy how Im still posting, but come on we all love cheese
I suggest that we backup the server or some what

Reports & Grievances / Joshtimasprime Griefed CamdenRBrown
« on: 2 November 2012, 01:35:41 PM »
I was recently at Camnden's village and found major grief, if this is already taken care of, LOCK the topic i'm only trying to help, CJM , JANUARY, AIR
But josh did make a big dent in this house

This may be false or wrong or he was alowed too or anything that makes this useless but
Im doing this to help if I am right about this, if you guys fuck with me because this is a non needed topic or anything like that
Then its you being the asshole remember that...........

Player griefing: Joshtimasprime
Person Griefed: CamdenRBrown


Off-Topic Discussion / Well its that time again
« on: 25 October 2012, 02:27:21 PM »
1.4.2 is out soooo
My reactions i can make to this:
Oh dear.
What shall i play now.
Village craft is down now my life is holded:
Ok owners and cj and of cause jan lets get some updates for the server coming back :D

Reports & Grievances / Can amy just get a ban
« on: 19 October 2012, 10:39:02 AM »
Go here,Bl4UO,XOzwi,pQV6a,oTqZp,0NVDq,kkemX,YqSSN
and check out my new album of Amy griefing : D
And she grief and griefs
she spams trees
breaks hills
steals blocks
would she give it a rest?!?!?

Amylou77 bugged the crap out of me intill i gave her perms, then removed them again then bug bug bug then i add her then remove her
I talked to a moderator about it as in getting her the fuck out of my island as some pig tp'd her to my place
but she would not do anything, i had to leave for the hole day yesterday and forgot to remove her perms here and sheeeeeee
griefed me, its not my castle and not much of peoples homes, at least but she spammed trees everywhere im my MOOSHROOM island.....
I would love some help right now and amy has griefed alot so lets have fun with taking care of this :)

At 00:08:35 Zealf0rge
and macgruber80
griefed the sh*t out of sonic his hole house is gone and im serious
Please not sonic was playing alot with his build so it filled the page so i could only show so few of the griefing but go to his place and see if for your self so you know fully what happened i shall alow people to teleport to me and im sure sonic will alow it too

Off-Topic Discussion / FIRST!
« on: 4 October 2012, 11:46:23 AM »
I got first!

What have you been first at?
Waste of a post anyone?

General Discussion / Da cave
« on: 24 September 2012, 01:27:45 PM »
Today i found a cave rich of gold im going to make a warp to it in the hotel soon as a admin comes on i call it
The Si Ow fine The Spider's Cave

Its pritty swell hang'in with my spider's with ma gold and even with ma emeralds
Yes thats right its new with emeralds in it
Yes im in the right biome HeavyHills
Ill show pictures of it soon as those DAMN spiders stop messing with me

Coltonp grief'ed Mason9468

Have fun sorting this out Peace

Reports & Grievances / Uh sir i appear to have a problem
« on: 12 September 2012, 12:00:29 PM »
At 9 yo 5 pm Great Britain time JuliusGrimes killed me instantly when i had full health And this is true the new plugin diden show up for your in a battle
about 3 days ago from today JuliusGrimes has been following me no matter where i go i went to a place in the nether and he was 4 blocks away from me I went to the market after woulds I saw him peaking at me I got no prove of this as when he killed me soon as i respawned i was disconnected so I would like the admins to go check the log for i died for prove that he killed me
Also today braing tp'd me to a far away place to show me a unowned house and he tpa'd rhy too and do you know who i found yes you guessed right Julius grimes he dissapear'd then came back again in 2 secounds with diamond armor and a diamond sword

I don't need anything back as luckly i was in the never so i had almost nothing with me but im saying Grimes is some how tp'ing to me and getting diamond armor quick hes always been following me around and does NOT talk

Are any admins aware that Julius Grimes is Gold vip? if hes not suppost to have it 
Well we know who he is then

I would like to have some answers and i would love to answer your questions

Note: Jan seems to hate me so that may come in handy.

Reports & Grievances / Rhy5man destroyed a piece of my giant mushroom
« on: 30 August 2012, 04:35:07 AM »
He broke a bit of of my mushroom i took ages on getting it placed down

They join but have nothing to do and does not know what to do and leave after a few mins
I think more upgrades should be put so we can  get more players and KEEP more players and give them a idea and some teleport's and directions to the out lands and where they can start....

Off-Topic Discussion / Worker
« on: 18 August 2012, 07:34:15 AM »
Looking for a job

Don't worry about updateing its just bug fixes, I updated and i can still join VC

It updates to 1.3.2 Only bug fixes and nothing big

General Discussion / Cool new gif!
« on: 14 August 2012, 05:28:25 PM »
I made a cool new gif and feel free to post any of your cool gif's here too!

Reports & Grievances / Douche move
« on: 14 August 2012, 11:41:10 AM »
CamdenRBrown being a douche and teleported to ajaake and killed him took his stuff and disconnected
I'm just saying that's a douche move and ajaake should get his stuff back as he was only in his farm

Off-Topic Discussion / Why the hell does everyone want to tp to me
« on: 11 August 2012, 04:32:02 PM »
Everyone wants to tp to me is it because im so epic or because im so popular I would like to know why people keep trying to tp to me I don't like toggleing to tp because im not anti-social but lots of people want to tp to me

Thanks for reading this

General Discussion / Server still down
« on: 10 August 2012, 03:36:59 PM »
The server is iver still down or only down for me for some reason
I made this topic so more people can find out whats going on

I lost my premission and all my goods are still in my chest and now hes griefing my house and stealing all my things

I had all my armor and stuff on me yesterday and i left and came back completly striped of all my items and there not in my chests

Reports & Grievances / Paint Is Suspected X-rayer
« on: 2 August 2012, 07:53:33 AM »
Paint is a suspected x-ray but maybe trolling but some of the snapshots I have taken maybe be better use for admin's or mod's,

Off-Topic Discussion / New MineCraft Update
« on: 1 August 2012, 09:45:22 AM »
Update the server soon as possible for MineCraft 1.3.1

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