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Idk whether I'm supposed to just keep campaigning but I'm gonna anyways so: Vote for me please! I really want to be CM because I know I can do a great job. I mean you already know I'm dedicated since I am 1/3 of Village Weekly. I'm active daily (usually from discord because I do have to work lol) but I promise I'm reading and watching everything that happens. I'm also more than happy then to answer questions if anyone has doubts or wants to know my ideas idk
General Discussion / Re: A Couple of Maybe Cool Ideas
« Last post by CyphurTheFox on Yesterday at 07:42:10 AM »
I think Qualia is not the issue with a spawn, I just think the spawn Tunnel is confusing and a bit out of the way. I think if we chose a location more central to market, since that is where a majority of players spend their time in Qualia, along with a Tutorial Chicken it could help new players not be so lost in the early days. I myself try to help out as much as I can but as Gerritt said it can be a lot explaining it over and over again and this easier tutorial system would take more work off of Staff and Players shoulders. I like keeping spawn in Qualia, but change it to a more user-friendly interface.

As far as moving spawn goes I think the new spawn that has been sitting in the south quadrant is a great candidate. Ten and I were there the other day planning out how the new player spawn experience might go in this space.

I think it's best to avoid situating spawn in/near the main market for a few reasons.
Firstly, the number of dropped_item entities in the market is staggering (all the showcases) and can cause clientside lag, not the best impression we want to leave on a new player. (First impressions make or break the "sale")
Secondly, the market is huge and sprawling, as well as being both confusing and a bit of a chore to navigate if you don't know all the warps, let alone without later game tools like elytra and epearls.

The new spawn I think solves these issues handily with the Qualia Minimart, a significantly pared-down version of the market that stocks a number of things useful to new players. The spawn is far enough away that the qualia market doesn't load, and it's small enough to be easily navigable on foot. I think adding a fast-travel portal to the main mart, tucked away so as to not distract from the minimart, and a separate "qualia market" tutorial animal that shows common materials and various warps would be significantly more player-friendly than dropping new players in the market directly.

To address the idea of multiple spawns, I think that the idea of a player first randomly spawning in one of a few possible villages is problematic at best, as it means making multiple tutorials, one for each spawn point, god forbid we want to change them in the future. It also can generate some confusion with players, especially if multiple players arrive as a group intending to play together, or friends invite friends to join. I think a more balanced solution would to make the outlands warp balloon in the new spawn take you to one of these random fixed spawn points and make the main spawn the new spawn w/ qualia minimart. This allows players to easily find their footing in the starter villages, provides a consistent tutorial experience for every player, and allows players who invited friends to easily find and meet up with them.

As for the old spawn tunnel, ten proposed to me an idea I quite liked that would allow us to preserve OG player nostalgia while not detracting from the new player experience. In short, we would keep the spawn tunnel in its current location relative to the new spawn (in the back of the pub), but haphazardly block it off in a way that still kinda allows passage, to serve as an easter egg for the older players. New players would spawn in the entrance to the pub, with clear signposting suggesting they walk out and explore the world, helping discourage new players from checking out the old spawn tunnel until they've had a chance to get properly acquainted with the server. This also can help build that "urban explorer" feeling when checking out qualia that makes it so much fun to investigate.

How to kinda hide a spawn tunnel
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Fav Village Weekly Article types??
« Last post by MutluMali on Yesterday at 01:57:19 AM »
This response won?t be helpful whatsoever, but I honestly think that each of those play off each other really well. My personal favorite bits are probably the more semi serious ones, but those would be boring without Luis?s fear of spiders and yams? lack of reality put in along with it. I think all of the different article-types go quite nicely with each other.
General Discussion / Re: CM Term 7 Campaign Pitches
« Last post by LilEgg0 on Yesterday at 01:54:36 AM »
Well, I figure its a bit too late, but as one of the greats once said, "I will make all your wildest dreams come true" -Pedro, Napoleon Dynamite
Sorry for the inactivity as well, a lot in my life has been going on so far but I will start becoming more active Thank you everyone for your support
General Discussion / Re: A Couple of Maybe Cool Ideas
« Last post by LilEgg0 on Yesterday at 01:51:37 AM »
That's a nice thought LilEgg0 but that's essentially what a Mod is atm
I suppose you're right, but what about something below that? Someone with much less permissions and someone who is just there to help keep the peace and learn, so it can be decided by the staff whether or not they will be admitted
Damn, I was really hopeful. I'll be happy with whoever is the CM next anyway!
Off-Topic Discussion / Fav Village Weekly Article types??
« Last post by Naomi on Yesterday at 01:44:33 AM »
In an attempt to gauge our readers interest, what types of articles are your alls favs?

Do you like the buzzfeed esc how tos and lists?
Do you like reflection pieces?
Do you like the conspiracy theories?
Do you like the chaotic non vc related stories?
Do you like the VillageCraft news stories?

Reply and let us know! That way we can focus on writing the articles you all want to read!
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Let's Get to Know Each Other! #2
« Last post by _Relevart_ on 23 January 2021, 06:15:46 PM »
Going to a nice restaurant for dinner and catching a play at the local Play House.

Next poster, Which famous person would you like to meet and why?
Thank you everyone for supporting me. Regardless of the outcome of this election, I am grateful to have the opportunity to run and see the support that is coming from you all. I won't let you down ♥️.
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