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General Discussion / Ultimate Catcher Intro Event!!
« Last post by KingNurtul on Today at 02:02:25 AM »
In order to celebrate the reintroduction of a Mob Catcher plugin, I will be hosting a Pokemon battle event! Here's the Details:

Two participants will enter the Locker room, and have the option to pick 6 types of 'Pokemon' (Monsters in an egg) to battle with.

After 5 minutes, outside monsters will be added untill one participant is defeated

1. No weapons or armor of any kind are allowed
2. No potion or drug effects are permitted in the arena
3. No direct hitting of your opponent(hands arrows snowballs etc)
4. ?? idk, ill make some more up if you need more structure

This event will take place this upcoming Sunday(08/09) at 8pm EST.
Contact KingNurtul ingame or on discord if you have any additional questions!
Rules | Info | Support / Ultimate Catcher
« Last post by KingNurtul on Today at 12:03:37 AM »
New Plugin: UltimateCatcher

After quite a long time without, we have finally found a working Mob Catching plugin!
The plugin adds three new eggs to the server that can be thrown at mobs to capture them. If you hit a mob and the capture suceeds, the mob will pop into a egg you can pick up and throw to respawn the mob. Each egg has a capture chance, indicating how likely it is to succeed, and a cost that is deducted from your bal when you use the egg.


Regular Egg
Cost to use: $500
Capture Chance: 25%

Ultra Egg
Cost to use: $1200
Capture Chance: 60%

Master Egg
Cost to use: $2000
Capture Chance: 100%

All Eggs Will be available for purchase at the market. Find the shop at /warp PS!!
I brought Ham_and_Eggs on the server two months back

please notify me or another staff member when you are both online ingame!
General Discussion / Re: VC meetup? Revote
« Last post by LilEgg0 on Yesterday at 03:49:52 PM »
I am only 14, so sadly i cannot join the meetup, due to things that have happened in the past, although if there is a stream of the meetup i would be more than happy to attend, even put my webcam in if that is ok
I brought Ham_and_Eggs on the server two months back
I like the idea of this too, but it might make a lot of work for the admins, though this would probably be less work then having a new priest every month. That way if someone really wants to do it for a wedding, they can. I almost prefer this idea.

Allow players to pick who they want to be their priest - if the players who are getting married want one of their none-staff friends to marry them, then that player can be made a priest for that wedding (and their perms can be removed immediately after). This means that anyone can be married by their friends and are not limited to picking between staff and one player who is a priest for the month. This could be a nice little touch added to the role play experience.
Since this seems to be in agreement, if there are no more suggestions by tomorrow night I will put it to a vote :)
General Discussion / Re: The Next Event! Survival Games!
« Last post by Brutalfive on 3 August 2020, 06:24:41 PM »
Im in!
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: let's exchange music bitches
« Last post by OctoGamer on 3 August 2020, 10:12:34 AM »
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