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« on: 20 August 2019, 09:53:18 AM »
(I'm only a year late, hopefully nobody will notice)

VC is now running Minecraft 1.14.4. Go and enjoy all the new features! Try to ignore the bugs!

One thing I've added is a minor tweak so that phantoms get bigger when the moon isn't as bright. I saw it as a suggestion on reddit and figured it was a cool idea, plus it only took about 5 mins to code.

I've set the server to upgrade chunks on-the-fly, rather than all at once, as that would take forever on a world of our size. While this does avoid the server being down for around a week while it upgrades, it does mean there might be some slight lag as people visit chunks for the first time. If possible, try and take it slowly to give the server time to catch up, rather than flying at top speed over half the world :P

This update contains both 1.13 and 1.14, which are probably two of the biggest updates to the game in terms of things that can break. I've done my best to minimise major issues that could happen, but some things will be broken. If you find any bugs, glitches, errors or things that have broken in the update, please tell me or any staff member, and we'll try and fix it. I've got a full server backup (which makes up approximately 40% of all my used hard drive space) from a few days ago, so it's possible to fix anything that's gone missing or didn't convert properly with the update. The easiest way to report a bug is using /bug in-game, or using this link.

Oh, also you can talk with people on the server in the #server-chat channel on our Discord. IRC will remain active until it breaks if you prefer using that.

Fair warning, VCG is probably the thing that's most broken. I'd recommend not using it until we swap some plugins around.

One issue with MC 1.14 is that loading the world takes forever. Somehow, Mojang find this acceptable for the best-selling video game of all time. This does mean however that restarts take much longer than they used to, which I'm trying to do all I can to rectify. In an attempt to get the startup time down from 30+ minutes, I've disabled some worlds (VCG-PvpIsle, skyworld, skyworld_nether). Chances are, there's only one or two people in these worlds, if any. If you're one of them, I don't know what will happen when you join, but I expect you'll just have the world load around you. Either that or you'll be placed in the Overworld. For nearly everyone though, these aren't worlds people use very often, so I've disabled them until I can make them load in a reasonable amount of time. If you go to other worlds, it's likely there will be some lag also while the chunks generate. This is Mojang's fault, sorry :(

Finally, teleporting to (or even visiting) chunks for the first time (via /home, /warp, nether portals, logging in etc) will act as if it's not worked. This is because the server is updating the chunks around where you want to go, which is why it looks like nothing's happening. Don't keep trying, just give it a minute (probably much less) and it'll teleport you when it's ready. It's possible the whole server could lag during this point, but this will go away in time as chunks are slowly updated. If this is a major issue, I'll change it so the server forcefully upgrades everywhere, but this will result in downtime. I tried switching to Paper to make use of the async chunk loading, but it flat-out breaks the market (or any sell shop). I'll continue to look into this, as Paper is arguably better than Spigot in many ways, and I'd love to switch to it if possible. Basically though, going to new places for the first time will have 0-1 minutes of lag.

- VC is now on 1.14.4
- Phantoms change size with the moon phase
- Chunks upgrade as you visit them, fly slowly
- Things will break, tell us about them
- Discord chat is now a thing
- VCG is probs broken
- Some worlds are out of action for a bit until I can make them load better, but they're not super important ones
- Teleporting to chunks for the first time will look like it's not worked. Give it a minute to load, then you'll move. May be laggy for a bit.
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