Author Topic: Kingdom of Socrates and Green Grotto Declare Allience and Non-Agression Pact  (Read 78 times)

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Offical Announcement from the Kingdom of Socrates
Seeing an alliance as an essential part of any friendship between nations. Socrates has made an alliance with the new nation of Green Grotto under the approval of King Space of House Particles, Lord of Socrates, Bearer or Truth, Philosopher King, and Father to all of the Particles Family. Under the treaty, the following will take place.

1. A declaration of friendship and peace: a non-aggression pact between our nations
2. An aid in supplies in times of external war, which will also include the promotion and gathering of voluntary militias to aid in the difference of the other.

Under his grace, the creator Akomine, may our friendship be everlasting and last through these troubling times. Under this friendship, we hope to see the world live in peace!

For Peace and Love!

Coup d'etating my dad one treaty at a time.