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« on: 17 January 2019, 10:41:37 PM »
hey so if you /seen a player and it says player not found can you salvage? if so can I claim their land?

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Re: salvaging
« Reply #1 on: 17 January 2019, 11:28:28 PM »
- /seen
- /whois
- /lb tb (and smack stuff)
- /region info
- look around for signs of recent use

"Player not found" usually means they haven't ever logged into the server, though sometimes it say that for a couple other odd reasons. If all of the owners of a region (protected town) have been offline for over 2 months, the existing members are first in line for ownership, and beyond that yes you can claim it. If the owner of an unprotected town has been offline for over 2 months, you can salvage it or claim it.

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