Author Topic: I had the weirdest dream about VC  (Read 130 times)

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I had the weirdest dream about VC
« on: 5 June 2019, 09:44:42 AM »
So it started off with me looking at my bank account and seeing I was like -1000 in the hole. I saw it was from VC charging me so I paniced and basicly asked Yvette what the well was going on. She said that it was a issue with donation plugin and it bugged out. So Yvette sent me and my dad the money in cash in a weird box. Akomine to appolgize invited my family to a house he had to stay the night. So we got there and the box was there with the money it was opened. I didn't tell anyone but I noticed werid salt and I saw its chemical name so looked it up on google and it said "often used for non-trediational redemies and medicinial purposes".  So we settled in and Yvette walked in and said why, I think Octo and Akomine was there too. Do as we were chilling we started noticing were sigils on the forms and chalk marks on the walls and my me and my dad were talking.

"What is going on?" dad
"I dont, I think they are doing occult stuff"  me
"This is really weird"
"Dont worry about it nothing will happen"

The whole house was dark with candles and stuff. I dont really remember what happened next, but I had another dream not sure if it was related but I don't rememeber it.

Also I disitctly  remember Yvette as a tall bunky masinuene woman with piercings and a large round face. Yvette was really nice to us in my dream. XD
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