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Unban plz
« on: 1 May 2020, 04:58:32 AM »
:'( Good Day, Can I please have an unban for my account Sqeto? It got banned for "Continually asking for OP" but they said its ok to ask for OP. On my alts (i didn't know or i forgot that alts are not allowed) I made some good things for the server, like finding many bugs. And I am very nice on the server. An admin said if I write an appeal I have very good chances of getting unbanned (i think maybe). I do not hack on the server. Please unban me. I will never ask for OP again.

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Re: Unban plz
« Reply #1 on: 1 May 2020, 04:39:55 PM »
Firstly, I don't believe you're actually being serious with either of your requests (unban or staff), but just for the sake of it I'll play along this time and give you a serious response.

It got banned for "Continually asking for OP" but they said its ok to ask for OP.
At no point since you first joined the server has anyone said is is okay to ask for OP. Even if it were, you need to learn an important difference between the words "ask" and "beg". You are allowed to ask a question, which involves asking it once and getting an answer. However, that's not what you've done. What you did is demand OP from the moment you joined, asking everyone on the server to give you OP, despite having already been told no. What you did is not ask for OP, you've been begging for OP. And not only that, you spammed everyone on the server in the process, which is a violation of Rule 3.

An admin said if I write an appeal I have very good chances of getting unbanned
No member of staff on this server has ever told you there are "very good chances" of getting unbanned, especially after how you've behaved surrounding your ban. Your chances of being unbanned are as far from "very good" as is physically possible.

I do not hack on the server.
One of your first actions on the server was to try and run the /op Sqeto command, in an attempt to gain access to the server on your main account, should anyone have listened to you when you begged for "OP for 1 second". You have continued to run this command over 100 times on multiple accounts over the past few days. Furthermore, you have tried to /sudo other users on the server to run the OP command on your behalf. Regardless of what you think, this is an attempt at unauthorised access to the server, which is hacking. This is a violation of Rule 24. It is also a violation of the EU Directive 2013/40/EU, for which it would be possible to prosecute you under, should we care enough to do so. Your use of stolen accounts is another fine example of this.

What's more, you have joined the server with over 30 other accounts, none of which you own, despite being banned with your main account. What you're doing there is evading a ban, which is, you guessed it, a violation of Rule 23. Every time you log into the server with a new account, you're making your unban even less likely than it already is, which trust me in your case is hard to do.

Additionally, you have previously admitted to using hacked clients. In my questions you said you would watch someone who you thought was hacking, and ban them if you were sure. While I was questioning you, another member of staff saw you with what looked like features of a hacked client, which in your own words would be a bannable offence. You are also openly using accounts that are not yours, and are probably stolen/hacked accounts. This is violating Rule 21, and as mentioned previously is breaking 2013/40/EU.

This brings me to your final point:
Please unban me
This is a flat out no. I can personally guarantee you will never have your main account unbanned, and you will never be staff on this server. As far as I'm concerned, that decision is final. You have no respect for our server, have broken multiple rules within your short time here, and not once have you shown any genuine interest in playing on the server. Your only aim is to become staff, so you have the power to do whatever you like, presumingly to use the server for your own benefit. You are the exact opposite to the kind of people we want in our community.

In addition, I'd like to point out none of your actions would actually achieve what you're trying to do. Staff on this server do not have unrestricted power. Unlike other servers, our staff team are regular players handpicked by the rest of the staff, who have only the power they need to moderate the server against people like you, but no more. Staff do not have OP, nor can they give you OP. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of people on the server who actually have OP. Your plan of trying to run /op Sqeto is also completely pointless, as nobody, not even other OPs, and not even the owner, is able to OP other people. Even if you had've been given OP for the insanely short amount of time you keep asking for, you would not have been able to pass that on to your other account. If you had been given staff as you've begged for, you would have realised very quickly you would not have anywhere near as many powers as you wanted. You claim you want to be staff to help the server, yet in the few days you've been around you've broken almost every rule it is possible to break without playing, you've annoyed almost everybody on the server, and you've created more work for the 7 members staff that have had to deal with you than we have to deal with in an average year. I have been an admin on this server for half of your life, and I can't think of anyone who has been as persistently annoying as you.

You are wasting your time here. If you continue to evade your ban and harass the server, we will be forced to take further action.

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