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Ultimate Catcher
« on: 7 August 2020, 12:03:37 AM »
New Plugin: UltimateCatcher

After quite a long time without, we have finally found a working Mob Catching plugin!
The plugin adds three new eggs to the server that can be thrown at mobs to capture them. If you hit a mob and the capture suceeds, the mob will pop into a egg you can pick up and throw to respawn the mob. Each egg has a capture chance, indicating how likely it is to succeed, and a cost that is deducted from your bal when you use the egg.


Regular Egg
Cost to use: $500
Capture Chance: 25%

Ultra Egg
Cost to use: $1200
Capture Chance: 60%

Master Egg
Cost to use: $2000
Capture Chance: 100%

All Eggs Will be available for purchase at the market. Find the shop at /warp PS!!
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