Author Topic: grief and murdering of dogs  (Read 103 times)

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grief and murdering of dogs
« on: 6 January 2021, 12:01:50 PM »
Accused player(s): Grumble5
Accused of: Minor Grief
Player effected: Salishseasalt
Time occurred: 23rd of December, 2020, 16:02 (EST?) and Jan 5 2020 23:35 (EST?)
Location: This happened in the outlands, around a few houses not protected by world guard, coords are -4000105, 82, -4000499
(these are the coordinates of a block that got destroyed, there was a hole in the wall so the surrounded area was also griefed)
Brief summary of what happened:
Grumble put a hole in the wall of Salish's house and also killed all of his dogs. Akomine already went over the dog killing with Grumble and Salish, and said that he had to repay Salish, but there was never any compensation. (I'm filling out this for Salish because he couldn't register for some reason)

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Re: grief and murdering of dogs
« Reply #1 on: 6 January 2021, 01:43:21 PM »
So I looked back through the message history and what seems to have happened was that Grumble killed Salish's dog(s) and in retaliation Salish killed Grumble's Villager(s). Ako made them both agree that they would just help each other replace what was lost. However, it appears directly after that they couldn't decide on what was acceptable compensation so nothing was ever paid back between the two of them. As such I would assume that the dog killing part of this report isn't really valid because it was already resolved and neither of them put in the effort to try to resolve it themselves. As far as the block breaking, sure its annoying but its just a couple blocks of cobble. Both parties should probably just grow a pair and stop fucking with each other.

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Re: grief and murdering of dogs
« Reply #2 on: 6 January 2021, 11:25:14 PM »
I'll mail both of them and reinforce the fact that what both of them did is wrong and not to do it again. As far as the grief nothing much can be done about a couple blocks other than a warning.

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