Village Guidelines

Constructing a village can be a daunting task (not unintentionally). We encourage players to first spend time as members in other villages before taking on the task of creating and maintaining their own. If, and when, you do decide to create a village of your own, please follow the guidelines below…

Using an assortment of different materials and styles will make your village a lot more appealing. Get creative, experiment with different building techniques to find one that you think looks best. If you put a lot of thought and effort into your village, it will show.

Take your time and use your imagination. If you try to build a village as fast as you can, it won’t look good and people will not want to join. We’re more interested in protecting a few well-designed, attractive buildings than several identical cobblestone cubes.

Plugins & Features

VillageCraft incorporates an array of plugins that complete the player experience. For a full list, type /plugins in-game.

The economy platform is created by Essentials. Players can earn money by selling minerals, farmed goods, or loot, either to other players or back to the server using Showcase. Showcase allows players to create item displays that other players can then interact with to purchase. Qualia has a large marketplace where players can go to either purchase or sell items or materials.

Lockette allows players to use signs to safely lock their chests, doors, gates, furnaces and dispensers, so nobody else can use them. Fun fact: If you place a Lockette sign on an iron door, you don’t need a switch to open it.

Village protection is made possible by WorldGuard. Apart from creating protected regions, WorldGuard allows us to block things like creeper and TNT block damage, fire spreading, enderman grief, etc.