Vote on changes made to VillageCraft!

Parliament Building From time to time, players of VillageCraft will be asked to vote on changes to the server. Anyone who meets the basic requirements to become a Member of Parliament (MP) may vote. Vote topics will range from rules to plugins to events.

The Parliament Building is located in Qualia, at /warp parl. In the basement is a list of registered villages and MPs, alongside a list of past votes. Anyone may visit the Parliament Building, but only MPs may vote.

How it Works

If VillageCraft players feel strongly about an issue, it may be nominated by the admins to be held to a vote. In this case, town MPs will be notified and the issue will be open to debate on the parliament chat channel, /jp in-game, or on the forums. After the issue has been debated, it will be held to a vote. Registered MPs will have ~48 hours to vote on the issue.

For a vote to be valid, at least one half of all MPs must participate (50% quorum). For a vote to pass, a majority of MPs must vote in favour before the voting period expires.

Who Can Vote

Votes may be cast by Members of Parliament (MPs). Anyone who meets these requirements may become an MP:

  •  The player must be an owner or member of a village with a population of at least 5.
  •  The player must then be elected/chosen as an MP for that village. Villages can elect one MP per five village members.
  •  As a bonus: Donators ($5+) may become MPs without the village restrictions.

That’s it! If you are eligible, just post a reply to this thread.

How to Vote

To vote, you need to be signed up on the VillageCraft Forums. Once registered as an MP, simply visit the Parliament board and vote in any open poll.

More Info

Admins (or occasionally other MPs) will take the role of Speaker to moderate and lead the debate.

For an in-game list of registered MPs and past votes, visit the basement of the Parliament Building (/warp parl in-game). For details/debates on past and ongoing votes, visit the forums or the parliament chat channel (/jp in-game).

As a precaution to the server, the owners have reserved the right to veto any votes.