Quick Start Guide

Just join VillageCraft?

Well here is some info that will help make your start just a little easier.

First place you will be upon spawning will be Qualia (Spawn Village). But to get to the actual village you will need to read the rule and make your way out to the world of VC. Once in Qualia there is plenty you can do. There is an arena for those wishing to PvP with other players. But the main focus for you here will be the market. You can reach here by doing /warp market. In the market you have the ability to buy and sell the goods you acquire on your journeys.

Once you know the rules, you are basically free to explore the world. Visit and join a village, spend the night in a cave, or create your own little abode.

You may wonder where you can start building at this point, and that is simple. You can build anywhere in the outlands. You will know when you reach the outlands because it will appear in your chat when you enter it. Go ahead and build. A home, a village, or even a city. Its all up to you. Just don’t forget to lock your chests with a sign.

For basic protection, you will need a minimum of buildings and $5000 to be eligible. Once you have reached both of these requirements, you can have a staff member look at your village. They will decided whether you meet the standards, SO build your very best.

Just a couple more commands and you are on your way.

/homeset name will allow you to set your home so you never lose it. Replace (name) so you can refer back to it

/home name will take you to that home

/back will take you to the last place you teleported from, even to your place of death


And for more information check

/warp info for more commands on your journey


And now you are ready to head into the world of VillageCraft.