VillageCraft FTB


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<color=blue><size=18pt>VillageCraft Feed The Beast!
This server requires you to download the FTB client.
Within the client you need to use the direwolf20 modpack.
Instructions below.

Recently we asked you to vote on a Tekkit or Feed The Beast server.
FTB won. FTB is a highly modified version of Minecraft with custom items and other cool things.

VC Feed The Beast is currently whitelisted for testing.
Any VillageCraft VIP can request access as of right now.
Opened up to any VillageCraft player! – Request access here:

Please report any and all bugs/problems to us on this forum board.


1) Download the FTB client (launcher) from <url=>, either the .exe or the .jar.
<size=8pt>(This is auto updating, so you shouldn’t need to keep downloading it.)

2) Put the launcher in its own folder on your computer. It generates a lot of files, so don’t just place it straight on your desktop. Make sure the location you put it isn’t “protected” and isn’t going to block the program from creating new files.

3) Use Direwolf20 v1.0.18 modpack.

4) Launch the game. This will take a few minutes, as it has to download the pack and load a whole 140 mods. This should be significantly quicker after the first launch.

5) Add the server IP <color=blue> and connect to it. That should be all 😀


VC FTB is linked up to IRC, as is VC and VCV, for cross-server chat. We’ll be adding more stuff as time goes on.

-The VillageCraft Staff